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Exeter and Bristol/Bath are central meeting hubs for the South West Network. Here’s what we get up to:

Critique Groups

This is the main way we ‘get-together’ at the moment, holding Zoom critique group meetings, where we review samples of work in all genres and for all ages on a monthly basis. These are friendly and supportive feedback sessions in which members get to share their writing wisdom to help one another improve their practice. Please get in touch if you’d like to join one of our groups.

There are Picture Book groups as well as ones critiquing Chapter Books, Middle Grade and YA fiction. Some of the main groups are listed below:

Exeter Picture-bookers, and Bristol/Bath Picture-bookers

Physical meet-ups are not possible at the moment, but there are lively on-line meetings for Picture Book writers, operating out of Exeter, and the Bristol/Bath area. These groups ‘meet’ monthly on average to share their work and feedback.

Rogue Critters

This group for MG/YA writers ‘meets’ monthly and operates out of the Bristol/Bath area.

There may be a waiting list for some Critique Groups but we actively encourage the formation of new groups and will support and advise to help you create new groups in your area.  

Meet Up

Write-ins (on hold for now)

Write-ins happen every 6-8 weeks, although members are free to organise their own write-ins and often do. Critique partnerships and feedback opportunities evolve naturally. There is time to socialise while taking coffee breaks, and we find it productive to work away from our habitual environments from time to time.

Bristol & Bath

Before Covid, our Kid Lit Coffee mornings were a a popular way to meet-up with members.

Often we are joined by a guest from the industry. Previous guests have been Greet Pauwelijn from Book Island, author Jo Nadin, and Gill McLay from Bath Literary. For now though all meetings must sadly be on-line.

A very casual pitch! Greet Pauwelijn from Book Island (bottom left) with SCBWI members in Bristol.

Send us an email or say hello on Facebook!  Group: SCBWI South West.



Are you writing from the wilds?

If you are working from an area that makes it difficult for you to get to a meeting in the city, there are still ways you can benefit from your South West SCBWI community. 

Firstly, please do join the Facebook group – our volunteers and members post regularly and there’s a lot to be had from connecting with people online or just following lines to competitions or events that might be just what you’re looking for. 

Secondly, if you’d like to explore creating meetings with others in your area, write to us at the email address below to find out other members near you, and she’ll put you in touch.  We can also give help and advice on setting up events, critiques or meetings in your area. 

Your first meeting is free!

Get in touch if you’d like to come along.

Your Network Coordinator is Lydia Massiah.

SCBWI members, if you would like to be involved, or have ideas for events you would like to happen in our network, contact us on We are keen to encourage members to form social and critique groups and partnerships in their part of the South West. Do get in touch using the contact form below.




We have a Facebook group for members in the South West to chat, share information and find out about meetings. And Exeter Picturebookers has its own Facebook group too. Please contact us if you would like to join – it’s a really good way to get in touch with other members, find out about latest writing news and events, and be sure to have all the up-to-date SCBWI event info.

Our Featured Illustrator…  Jools Wilson

Thank you Jools for our SCBWI South West banner.  Jools is an artist and illustrator from Wiltshire and studied HND Fine Art. She has had illustrations published in ‘Stew’ magazine and has illustrated a book of poetry. Jools also designs mugs, tea towels, cards, & jewellery which she sells in her online shop.  If you’d like to have your work featured on our banner here and on Facebook, get in touch with Lydia:

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