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Tracy Liennard
Co-chair of Conference Committee
Tracy Liennard has been a member of SCBWI for 2 years and is a newbie on the Conference Committee. As co-chair she has been supporting the speaker co-ordinators and finance function and will be hosting the Speed dating session. Her day job as a civil servant involves working on the challenges of Brexit. Everything else in life seems simple by comparison. She has spent enough time drinking tea in cafe’s to have just finished writing her first young adult manuscript and also writes picture books.
AJ de Montjoie
Co-chair of Conference Committee
AJ joined SCBWI in November last year and, before she had even finished writing anything of any note, found herself happily working with the wonderful volunteer team for the conference. She works in marketing by day and dabbles with her writing by night. With a background in secondary English teaching, she loves middle grade and young adult books and is never happier than when she is sat in a comfy chair with a good book. Encouraged by the students she used to teach, she decided to write down some of the stories that she told in class about life in Devon and here she is! You can find AJ’s ramblings on Twitter and on her reading and writing Blog. | @AJsRamblings |
Natascha Biebow Natascha Biebow
Co-Regional Advisor (Chair)
RA since 1998, Natascha has been involved in planning SCBWI BI conferences since the beginning. She writes picture books and is crafting some young fiction. She is the author of The Crayon Man: The True Story of the Invention of Crayola Crayons (March, 2019), Elephants Never Forget (1995) and Is this My Nose? (2008), winner of the Bookstart Best Book for Babies. Editor of numerous award-winning children’s books, with over 25 years’ experience, her favourite task is shaping stories. She runs Blue Elephant Storyshaping, an editing, coaching and mentoring service empowering writers and illustrators to fine-tune their work pre-submission. She blogs on Picture Book Den and as The Picture Book Storyshaper.
kathy evans Kathryn Evans
Co-Regional Advisor (Finance)
Kathryn Evans is a mum who runs a farm,  fences competitively and belly dances for fun. It took her 15 years to find a publisher and throughout that time, she’s been a passionate supporter of SCBWI. She’s been badge co-ordinator, South East Co-ordinator, Finance co-ordinator and is now CO-RA with responsibility for Finance. Her debut YA novel, More of Me, was published by Usborne in 2016. It was nominated for the 2017 Carnegie medal, is the first ever YA book to win the EIBF First Book Award and she won the SCBWI Crystal Kite 2017.  She does have a new book coming soon but she’s not allowed to talk about it! | | @KathrynEvansInk
juliet clare bell Clare Bell
Mass Book Launch and Friday Night Critique
Clare (writing under her full name, Juliet Clare Bell) oversees the Friday Night Critique and the meal that follows it. She is also the person to contact about the Mass Book Launch (which takes place on the Saturday night). She joined SCBWI in 2004 and has been joint coordinator of the Central West region since then. She writes mostly picture books and early readers (with three out later this year) and she oversees the monthly SCBWI picture book critique group in Birmingham.  | @julietclarebell
camilla chester 17 Camilla Chester
Front of House
Camilla Chester is the Front of House Coordinator which means being the ‘go to’ person over the weekend. The role involves making sure everyone feels safe, welcome and informed. She is in continuous contact with the University team and oversees the volunteer team during the conference. Camilla writes for 8-12s and has self-published three books with Matador, Jarred Dreams, EATS and Thirteenth Wish. She has been shortlisted twice, once with The National Literacy Trust (New Author Award) and once with The Winchester Festival (Children’s Funny Fiction Award). She also works as a self-employed dog walker. Animals and children’s books are her two great loves.   |
Zoë Cookson
Conference Badge & Hook Co-ordinator
Zoë spent fifteen years in the grown-up world before quitting her management job in 2013 to write for a living (albeit mostly reports, funding bids and business cases). A vociferous reader of children’s books, she recently launched her own children’s book review site – Madge Eekal Reviews ( – where she loves to promote fellow SCBWI members. Zoë has a MA in Writing for Young People from Bath Spa University. She enjoys writing for children of all ages and has a particular love of middle-grade action adventures. @MadgeEekal
Anna Cole Anna Cole
Party Co-ordinator
Anna is the conference party co-ordinator. Having always scribbled ideas and the beginnings of stories on any bit of paper she could find (think envelopes, leaflets and receipts) she decided to take her writing more seriously, so brought a notebook and began work on a middle grade fantasy novel. With a short interlude to work in a ski resort (and snowboard every day), Anna now writes at every opportunity.
dom conlon Dom Conlon
Print Materials and University Liaison
Dom is the university liaison which means he deals with all the onsite things from organising which sessions go into which rooms, to choosing what everybody eats and catering for special dietary requirements. He’ll also be seen dragging tables around and putting microphones onto people. He arranges all the print materials too. He is a member of the North West battalion of SCBWI and his book of Badtime Stories is currently open to support on Unbound. He likes a biscuit with his tea but cake with his coffee. | @dom_conlon
addy farmer Addy Farmer
1-1 Assistant Co-ordinator
Addy is helping Liz with the writer 1-1s. She is SCBWI to the core and loves how stories bring everyone together in one big energising conference. She runs the Central North network, blogs and runs workshops in and out of schools. She’s published and her picture book, Worlds Apart, will be out in time for next year’s conference! She’ll be there this year to help you find your 1-1 way. | @addyfarmer
alice hemming Alice Hemming
Alice first joined SCBWI in 2006 although she did have a couple of years off while she was trying to decide if she was a writer or illustrator. It turned out she was a writer! Alice was one of the first Margaret Carey scholarship winners in 2010 and that conference marked a turning point for her. Since then, she has had over thirty books (mainly picture books and reading scheme texts) published in the UK and overseas. She joined the conference team in 2014 as speaker co-ordinator. She was unable to attend the last couple of conferences but still helped co-ordinate the Outstanding Contribution Award. This year she is happy to be back at the conference and helping with the website. | @alicehemming1
george kirk George Kirk
Speaker Co-ordinator for Writers
George is a conference old hand. She attended her first conference in 2011 and was immediately hooked. She soon joined the committee and has held many roles including Co-Chair. She is now speaker co-ordinator for authors. That means she is responsible for inviting speakers to deliver the writing strands of the conference. She ensures they have everything they need and know exactly where and when they need to be. As a previous year 1 class teacher, she feels supremely qualified for this role. Authors can’t be any harder to organise than 6 year olds… can they? | | @georgekirk2
Kate Mallinder Kate Mallinder
Host of the Hook
Kate Mallinder has been a member of SCBWI for five years but this is the first year she’s got any type of responsibility.  Her debut YA Summer of No Regrets is coming out in May 2019 with Firefly Press and she’s super-excited about it after writing furiously for years.  She’s saying yes to lots of new and exciting/terrifying opportunities as part of her own #NoRegrets pledge and it’s getting her into all sorts of scrapes, including co-hosting The Hook.  She’s looking forward to the conference because it’s the one weekend of the year where she gets to natter about stories for the whole time! | @KateMallinder
liz miller Liz Miller
1-1 Coordinator for Fiction
Liz invites agents and editors to do author reviews, matches delegates’ work as carefully as she can, and will be on hand to calm nerves on the day! She has been a SCBWI member since 2010, is part of the lively Central North scene and organises a monthly brunch in Nottingham. She writes picture books, volunteers for too many things and sometimes works as a teaching assistant. You can email her with 1-1 questions at | @liz_m_miller
patrick miller Patrick Miller
Illustrator Liaison
Patrick has pulled together speakers, session leaders and 1-1 portfolio reviewers from the best of the biz to hopefully give illustrators and author-illustrators, unpublished and published alike, a meaningful, fun and productive conference. He currently illustrates middle grade chapter books and short stories for OUP. During the conference he’ll be easily recognisable as he’ll be looking withered and shell-shocked next to a no-doubt very calm Clare Tovey. His email address is | @patrickejmiller
Lou Minns Louise Minns
Assistant Regional Advisor for Members
Lou Minns writes MG & YA and is represented by Standen Literary Agency. She is the ARA Member Services for SCBWI BI. She has been a member since 2011 and received an SCBWI Outstanding Contribution Award for her role as Features and Events Editor for Words & Pictures in December 2015. Prior to moving back to the UK, Lou was lucky enough to live in Sydney and California, where she made lifelong friends through SCBWI and if they each stretch their arms wide enough; their fingers might just touch as they span the globe. | @LMMinns
paul morton Paul Morton
1-1 Coordinator for Illustrators
Paul has been illustrating and designing and running Hot Frog Graphics studio for over 25 years, working for a variety of national and international clients.  As well as making a mark in the advertising world Paul has illustrated a number of books, most recently The Birthday that went with a Bang featuring Felix the First Aid frog. He currently has a picture book, written and illustrated, out on submission.  Paul also illustrates children’s boxed games, and has notched up over 30 titles to date.  Paul runs the pre-conference Sketch Crawl on the Friday afternoon, and also organises the illustrator 1-1 reviews. This means that he liaises with the reviewers and makes sure your work ends up in front of them so that they can offer constructive feedback.  @paulhotfrog
  Sean Noonan
Bookings Co-ordinator and Website
Sean is your Bookings Coordinator once again this year. Reprising the role he left in 2015. He’s an active member of SCBWI since 2010 and supports the fantastic opportunities that the organisation provides to all creatives involved in the Children’s book industry. If you have an inkling to be a volunteer, don’t hesitate. Its worthwhile. Not just for yourself, but for others. Writing wise, he is currently compiling a trilogy of MG fantasy, with the help of his scoobies friends. | @Grumphspawn
mo ohara Mo O’Hara
Mo first joined the conference committee about 5 years ago and worked in a speaker co-ordinator role for a while. For the last few years she has been working with Candy Gourlay to develop the PULSE events aimed at our published members. This year Sarah Towle joined the team and they are linking some of the sessions as PULSE and SPARK. When she is not doing SCBWI stuff, Mo writes funny fiction books for kids (like her Big Fat Zombie Goldfish series) or picture books like her latest More People to Love Me. She would love to hear about any ideas for PULSE events or suggestions you might have. Email Candy and her on | @mo_ohara
anne marie perks Anne-Marie Perks
Illustrator Coordinator
Anne-Marie has been illustrating for publishers, design studios and film projects for many years. Writing and making pictures for her own story ideas and putting them into appropriate form – picture book, graphic novel or animation short – is her current focus. Her very first book, The Tortoise Who Bragged by Betsy Franco, Stokes Publishing, US, is still close to her heart. She is also proud of the work she did as illustrator and co-author for two wordless books for Books Beyond Words Publishing, London, that came out in 2014 and 2015. Emma Tracey, BBC News online, wrote a wonderful article on When Dad Hurts Mum, on the importance of wordless books in communicating across learning disabilities, age and language. A Safe Place from Domestic Abuse came out May 2015. Diving back into the mythical fairytale stories she loves, Anne-Marie illustrated the cover and inside illustrations for Silkie by Sandra Horn, The Clucket Press, 2017. She also teaches illustration and animation at Buckinghamshire New University in High Wycombe. As a long standing volunteer for SCBWI, Anne-Marie has served as Illustrator Coordinator since 2001. That is something else she is proud of: the amazing growth of SCBWI in the UK. @annmarieperks
Ashely Taylor Ashley Taylor
Assistant Regional Advisor for Events
Ashley is an ex-pat American actress and writer living on the white cliffs of the Kent coast. She began volunteering for SCBWI in 2015 as the Agents’ Party organizer and then took over as the ARA Events coordinator in 2016. She has written a YA and a middle grade manuscript and is secretly ghostwriting a romance novel involving a lumberjack. Ashley has had many jobs in the past but regards this as the most hilarious one of all.
B B Taylor B B Taylor
Fringe Scrawl Crawl Leader
B B Taylor, professional daydreamer and sometimes writer of words. BB loves sharing stories and meeting new people. She has worked on various projects over the last six years with her most recent book The Curse of The Nomed, raising funds for children’s mental health charity Partnership for Children. Often spotted with an animal or a yeti, BB looks after the SCBWI celebrations news and loves helping people to celebrate how amazing they are! She is always happy to help whenever she can and always has free hugs and smiles available! |  @BB_Taylor_
clare tovey Clare Tovey
Conference Illustrator Speaker Liaison
Clare has drawn books and stories since she was tiny, and has focused on this passion for ten years or so, learning loads from being a SCBWI member since 2010. Volunteering works brilliantly for her because she is slightly shy, and having a job to do helps! So to this end, she is the SCBWI Conference Illustrator Speaker Liaison, helping Patrick Miller to ensure there are exciting speakers and workshops on offer for illustrators, and that the conference cCommittee and speakers alike have all the details they need to make the conference an enjoyable and smooth event for everyone. Clare lives in London with an eccentric cat, surrounded by piles of sketchbooks, books and crafting materials because she also likes to make things. | @dragonflyclef
sarah towle Sarah Towle
Sarah is an award-winning author-educator turned editor who is passionate about cultural literacy. Her Time Traveler Tours harness 1st-person storytelling with the magic of the touchscreen to create portals to the past. They #TurnHistoryOn. A digital-first multi-format independent publishing imprint, TTT seeks place-based historical tales to sites the world over.  Discover all that’s happening at the intersection of children’s literature, cultural education and digital storytelling.  Sarah is thrilled to give back to the SCBWI community as an organiser of the PULSE/SPARK conference strand. Sessions – ranging from craft to website design to marketing – promise to address the needs of traditional and self-published authors and illustrators, alike. | | @HistoryTurnedOn
sue wallman Sue Wallman
Organiser of the SCBWI-BI Margaret Carey Scholarships
Sue is the conference scholarships organiser. There are two scholarships available this year for SCBWI-BI members – one for an illustrator or picture book writer, and the other for a writer of Middle Grade or Young Adult fiction. They will be judged equally on financial need and writing merit by a panel of industry insiders. Sue has been a member of SCBWI for seven years, and is the author of YA thrillers Lying About Last Summer, See How They Lie, and Your Turn to Die.  She’s a former journalist who now works in a school library. If you have any questions about the scholarship, please email her at | @swallman
Tania Tay Tania Tay
Joint Network Organiser for London SCBWI
Tania Tay joined SCBWI in 2012 and met a ton of amazing, talented, supportive people. At Words and Pictures she helped the editorial team and covered the Celebrations column. She ran the SCBWI Writers Retreat in 2015 and 2016. Tania is the joint Network Organiser for London SCBWI and enjoys getting writers, illustrators and publishing industry guests together for drinks, fun and lots of intense conversations, in between wrestling with her teen novel, Lovespell.

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