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 Bookings opening soon!


You may request an editor or an agent on the booking form. Whilst we can’t guarantee you’ll get your request, we will try our darndest! Unfortunately pressure of time and numbers means that we cannot take requests for a named agent or editor. 

A limited number of 15 minute slots are available. We must follow a strict timetable to process all the manuscripts. It is VERY IMPORTANT that the deadline below is observed.

  • 1. Sign up for your 1-1 Review on the booking form.
  • 2. Prepare your manuscripts for submission. Follow the guidelines outlined below. Things to tell us: would you prefer an agent or an editor? Have you already submitted your manuscript to an agent or publishing house … and to whom?
  • 3. Postal submissions only please! Send your submission (with large letter postage!) so that it is received by 1st October 2018 to: 
    • Liz Miller
      16 Violet Road
      West Bridgford
      NG2 5HA
      *PLEASE DO NOT send your submission by next day delivery or any signed for services. If I’m not home when the mail arrives (which is often the case) I have to make a special trip to the sorting office to pick it up!
  • 4. Receipt of submissions will be acknowledged by e-mail.
  • 5. Please watch your inbox and the Facebook SCBWI group for any alerts. And check your spam folder!
  • 6. At the conference: your appointed review time and location will be posted at the entry hall to the Stripe Auditorium. Appointments for authors will happen on Saturday only.


  • • Picture book writers may send up to two manuscripts – full text, no illustrations please.
  • • For longer fiction please send a 1 page synopsis and the first 10 pages of your manuscript. We recommend your work finishes at a suitable point (not mid sentence!) so you may send less but please do not exceed 10 pages as additional pages won’t be sent to our reviewers.
  • • Manuscripts should be typed, double-spaced and in an easy to read font such as Times New Roman in 12 points.
  • • All manuscripts need to have a cover page with the following information:
    • Your name
      Story/project title
      Approximate word count of the full manuscript
      Target age range
      Your contact details
      Your agent’s name if you have one
  • • Please number all subsequent pages and display your name and the story title at the top right.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Submitting a manuscript does not guarantee you will receive a review. However, we will endeavour to provide a review to all applicants who send their work by the deadline. Refunds for 1-1s will be given in the event of you paying for, but subsequently not being offered, a review. Refunds for 1-1s cannot be given if you pay for, but subsequently choose not to submit, a manuscript by the deadline. If you pay for a review but find you can no longer attend the conference, refunds can only be given in rare and extenuating circumstances – see the FAQs page for more details.

2018 Agents and Editors include: Alice Sutherland-Hawes; Ben Illis; Chloe Seager; Ellie Brough; Felicity Trew; Kirsty Stansfield; Molly Ker Hawn; Yasmin Kane; Jenny Savill; Sarah Stewart; Fiona Scoble; Penny Morris.


Further questions? Check out our 1-1 FAQs


Calling all you illustrators out there! As you’re busily booking your place at this year’s awesome conference, please take a few moments to read through these notes if you are considering having a portfolio review.

It is your chance to meet an industry professional who will review and feedback and discuss your portfolio, sketchbooks and mock-up picture books. The illustrator 1-1s will be with illustration agents, art-directors, commissioning editors or experienced illustrators.  To make your meeting the most positive and constructive, we may ask you provide examples of your work in advance (two jpg images) so we can match you with the professional who will be able to provide you with the best feedback for your work. This is a unique opportunity to meet the industry professionals who shape the industry and have their expertise and knowledge that can help you to  improve your work and portfolio at whatever stage in your career, whether you are published or pre-published.

  • 1. You may sign up for a pre-paid review of 25 minutes of individual feedback from an appropriate agent, art director, commissioning editor, or an experienced illustrator.
  • 2. Deadline for booking is 1st November 2018.
  • 3. Please bring to the conference a maximum of two of the following:
    * A portfolio of up to 15 printed samples of your work
    * One book dummy with rough illustrations plus text
    * One developed storyboard with thumbnail illustrations plus text up to 5 pages (maximum 50 frames) of a graphic novel or comic book project
    * A digital test or storyboard for one ebook or app
  • 4. If in the unlikely event we cannot secure a reviewer for you, we will offer you a refund.

The 25 minute review will cost £30 to members and £35 for non-members. To help us provide you with the most appropriate reviewer for your work, we will contact you once your conference application is confirmed and may ask you to provide jpg samples of your submission in addition to a short bio or web link.

Please note your portfolio needs to be compact; less is more. Pick the best 15 representational pieces to make an impression. Be sure to bring business cards, post cards or A4 takeaways to leave with your reviewer.

The industry professionals attending this year’s conference and opting to provide reviews are…

Caroline Thomson – Agent at Arena

Tiffany Leeson – Creative Director at Egmont

Paul Coomey – Art Director at Stripes

John Shelley – Illustrator

For more advice on putting together your portfolio please check out:

Got a question not answered here? Hopefully we’ve covered everything you need to know about 1-1s but if we haven’t, authors please email Liz and illustrators please email Paul

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