Society of
Children's Book Writers
and Illustrators

Event: ‘The Hook’ (Conference 2015)

Saturday 21st November 2015

3.45 – 5pm

This event is open to all conference delegates and speakers, in fact we hope you all will come!

To participate read on…

Hook Agents and MC 2015 copy

Seen The Voice on the BBC? We have a SCBWI version! In The Hook, up to 5 conference delegates will each have 10 minutes to pitch their work and themselves to a panel of five agents. The panel will together select the pitch that shows most promise. There won't be any spinning chairs, BUT the winning author/illustrator does get to choose their winning panellist! It'll be tense!

The idea comes from the London Book Fair. In LBF's 'The Write Stuff' this year, only writers pitched. In 'The Hook' we're looking for illustrators as well! it was a wonderfully encouraging experience for all the participants who each received positive and and constructive feedback from the prestigious panel as well as the audience. It wasn't a test of performance or memory ( many of the participants read their pitches) but of STORY!

For certain, we will have a very encouraging SCBWI audience as well as our own prestigious panel…

Our Panel: Sara Grant (emcee), Julia Churchill, Gemma Cooper, Felicity Trew, Amber Caraveo and Penny Holroyde.

How to be apply:
 • Book for the conference! Though if you need to save up a FIRM commitment to attend will be fine.
• You can be published, but not currently or do not have an agent at the time of the conference 
WITH YOUR PITCH please submit:
Authors: The first 600 words of a completed MG/YA novel
PB Authors: A full PB MS for one picture book
Author-Illustrators: a full dummy (completed text plus one colour spread and b & w roughs) OR text and character sketches
Illustrators: up to five character sketches for the same character that in themselves tell a story.

The pitch we're looking for is the short paragraph which tells an agent about your story or for illustrators, your character, that you would include in your submission's covering letter. If selected to take part in The Hook you will have a maximum of 3 mins to pitch but the shorter your pitch the longer you'll have for recieving feedback. You will also have a maximum of 3 minutes ( though better to aim for 2 mins) to say a little bit about yourself as a writer/illustrator. If you need to you may read from notes and again, this is not so much a test of performance but of story and character.

We hope lots of delegates wlll come to watch the show and who knows who'll be in the audience!

Please send all submissions as PDFs to with 'The Hook' in the subject line by September 30th 2015