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The art of not breathingSince her twin brother drowned five years ago, Elsie Main has tried to make sense of what happened – one minute he was there, the next he was gone. When a mysterious boy introduces Elsie to freediving, she wonders if the answers she seeks are at the bottom of the sea, and she’s determined to discover the truth.



Witch's daughter by Jill AtkinsWhen Jess sees the old Town Hall on fire, she takes photographs. But while studying them, she sees a woman on the roof of the burning building. Is this a photographic trick, or something more sinister? Jess is led deep into a dangerous world of witchcraft, persecution and family tragedy.


A DOT IN THE SNOW Written by Corrinne Averiss (illustrated by Fiona Woodcock)

A Dot in the SnowA polar bear cub would rather play than learn to fish. His curiosity leads him away from his mother to a snow field, where he spots a dot in the snow. The dot turns out to be a little girl. He discovers what makes her happy. But he also discovers what makes her sad. 


POLICE FORCES (Elite Defender) by Geoff Barker

Police ForcesHow do police forces worldwide operate and how do these elite defenders protect us from crime? Learn how people begin careers in police work, the skills they need and the psychological profiling used to find out if they can make it in the police force. Take the test!


TWO BROTHERS AND A CHOCOLATE FACTORY: The Remarkable Story of Richard and George Cadbury – Written by Juliet Clare Bell (Illustrated by Jess Mikhail)

Two BrothersRichard loves art; George longs to be a doctor. Both love the outdoors and both feel horrified by the terrible poverty they see. But where exactly does a chocolate factory fit into the story…? See what happens when two brothers combine their passions and skills, and with incredible focus and vision turn their father’s small, failing cocoa factory into something quite extraordinary…


TEN LITTLE MONSTERS/TEN LITTLE ELVES Written by Mike Brownlow (Illustrated by Simon Rickerty)

Ten Little BooksThe fourth in the successful 'Ten Little' series, Ten Little Monsters chronicles a Halloween walk through a spooky castle. Expect thrills and chills and lots of Little Monsters shouting “BOO!”
In Ten Little Elves, ten of Santa’s little helpers set off on a quest to find a cure for the mysterious ailment that has struck down the reindeer. They encounter the Snow Queen, Jack Frost, a yodelling yeti and much more in this exciting Arctic adventure.  


COGHEART by Peter Bunzl

CogheartLily's life is in mortal peril. Her father is missing and now silver-eyed men stalk her through the shadows. What could they want from her? With her friends – Robert, the clockmaker's son, and Malkin, her mechanical fox – Lily is plunged into a murky and menacing world. Too soon Lily realizes that those she holds dear may be the very ones to break her heart…


THE GREAT CHOCOPLOT by Chris Callaghan

The Great ChocoplotJelly and her family live in Chompton-on-de-Lyte, where everyone loves a Chocablocka bar or two. So when the end of chocolate is announced, she can't believe it. Determined to investigate, Jelly and her gran follow a trail of clues to a posh chocolate shop and its owner, the pompous Garibaldi Chocolati. Gari's suspiciously smug, despite his failing business and yucky chocolate. Is it really the chocopocalypse, or is there a chocoplot afoot?



The Vlogger DiariesOlivia Warren is living the vlogging dream. With thousands of subscribers, a gorgeous boyfriend and freebies coming through the door, it couldn't be going better. But Olivia has a secret. The girl on the vlog isn't her. How long can it last? Will Olivia be exposed as a fraud? And will Olivia's cat ever stop sleeping and do something cute enough to go viral? Discover the hilarious story of one teenage girl's journey from geeky nobody to online superstar. Sort of.



The Scarlet FilesThe Scarlet Files: Cat Burglar. School girl by day, cat burglar by night… Scarlet and her dad are on a mission to return stolen treasures to their rightful owners. But when they take an ancient Aztec bracelet, her world turns upside down.
The Scarlet Files: Mission Gone Wild. Scar’s mission to steal an ancient dagger leads her to the alligator infested Everglades. It’s a daring mission, but Scar is no ordinary thief. She can shape-shift. The problem is – she can’t always control her mysterious powers. Can Scar use her stealth and cunning to steal the dagger, and be back in time for school on Monday?


THE HALLOWEEDS by Veronica Cossanteli

HalloweedsWith their parents Lost, Presumed Eaten, Dan, Martha and the Grub are packed off to Daundelyon Hall where Great Aunt Grusilla tends a sinister secret. Why is everyone at the Hall missing a finger? What are Aunt Grusilla's plans for Dan? Can he keep his siblings safe – and keep hold of his fingers?


NOTHING CAN FRIGHTEN A BEAR Written by Elizabeth Dale (Illustrated by Paula Metcalf)

Elizabeth Dale BooksNothing Can Frighten a Bear is a fun, rhyming picture book that follows the Bear family as they search the woods at night to reassure Baby there’s nothing scary out there. But then, one by one, the Bears disappear… and are those monsters over there?! In a funny climax, Baby’s family are found – together with the source of the scary noises!
My Treasury of Teddy Tales is a beautifully lllustrated collection of 15 short stories for young children – all about teddies!
Hug Me Tight is an interactive rhyming board book featuring Purple Bertie, who has wonderfully cuddly reassuring arms.  


MUMNESIA by Katie Dale

MumnesiaLucy's mum is so out of date she's practically mouldy. She's super-strict, overprotective and won't let Lucy go to the Valentine's Ball! Lucy can't believe she was EVER a teenager . . . Until the morning her mum wakes up with no memory of the last thirty years – and thinks she's twelve years old! All Lucy wants is for her mum to go back to being her old self – but how?


THE LETTER by Tracy Darnton (In I'LL BE HOME FOR CHRISTMAS anthology)

I'll be Home for ChristmasThe UK's top Young Adult authors join together in this collection of new stories and poems on the theme of home. SCBWI member Tracy Darnton's short story 'The Letter' is included. £1 from the sale of every book will be donated to Crisis, the national homelessness charity. 


MORE OF ME by Kathryn Evans

Kathryn EvansTeva's life seems normal: school, friends, boyfriend. But at home she hides an impossible secret. Eleven other Tevas. As her seventeenth birthday rolls around, Teva knows she must fight for her future. Even if that means fighting herself. “A gripping thriller with a sci-fi edge” The Book Seller.  


MR MUSTACHIO by Yasmin Finch (llustrated by Abi Tompkins)

Mr MustachioMr Mustachio has the most fantabulous moustache, of which he is very proud. But one day an impromptu picnic leads to a moustache disaster!



Emily SparkesJoin Emily Sparkes for laugh-out-loud observations about life, parents and how to handle the grossest boys in the universe! Perfect for fans of Cathy Cassidy and Dork Diaries. The first Emily book has been shortlisted for the Scholastic Laugh Out Loud Book Award (The Lollies).


VICTORIA STREET NUMMER 17 – das Geheimnis der Schildkrote by Janet Focley

Janet FoxleyHow could Tom’s mother have disappeared without trace? His grandmother may have the key, but she has the crazy idea that Mum has accidentally turned herself into a tortoise. Could she be right? If so, they have just six days to find Mum and turn her back before the spell becomes permanent.



How not to disappearHattie has just discovered she’s pregnant. Gloria, Hattie’s opinionated, gin-drinking, great-aunt, has just discovered she has dementia. Together they embark on a life-changing road trip  – Gloria to confront the secrets of her past before they’re lost forever, Hattie to face the choices that will determine her future…


SAVE OUR STORIES Illustrated by Dave Gray (written by Nick Walker)

Save our StoriesThe world wakes up to find all the stories have vanished. Newspapers are blank and teachers are lost for words. Only a group of young adventurers are willing to risk everything to get them back. Commissioned by Blackpool Council/Leftcoast and toured in a real-life rescue vehicle, Save Our Stories helps promote literacy throughout the Northwest.



Robyn SilverLife was very ordinary for eleven-year-old Robyn Silver, the often-ignored middle child in a big family. But then she begins to see creepy creatures around her town – creatures that are invisible to everyone else. Robyn finds herself catapulted headfirst into an extraordinary adventure. Be careful what you wish for…


FIR FOR LUCK by Barbara Henderson

Fir for LuckScotland, 1841: When 12-year-old Janet's village is under threat, she chooses to fight. It's a split-second decision that may cost her everything: her home, her family… even her life. Based on real events during the brutal Highland Clearances, Fir for Luck is a tale of crisis  – and courage.



Fearne FairyMeet Fearne Fairy! She loves to sing and fly, but is hopeless at landing!
Fearne Fairy And The Dandelion Clocks is written for the magnificent month of March, so you'll read about white wood anemones and yellow daffodils. You'll also meet 'Raspberry Rabbit' and 'Bertie and Beatrice Bunny', as well as Fearne of course!
Fearne Fairy And The Chocolate Caterpillar is the 9th enchanting instalment from Sarah Hill's award-winning Whimsy Wood Series for 5-8 year olds. In this wonderfully whimsical and heart-warming story, the month of April has arrived in Whimsy Wood and Fearne Fairy's about to make a new friend! Not only that, but this new charming character gets himself in a sticky situation and luckily, Fearne comes to his rescue.


A TREASURY OF BEDTIME STORIES Illustrated by Jenny Jinks (written by Katie Dale)

Treasure of Bedtime StoriesSnuggle up for story-time wih 21 dreamy tales to treasure.



Beth Kemp booksA Christmas Carol workbook A write-in workbook of exercises on every aspect of Dickens' classic text, to develop skills and confidence ready for assessment in the new GCSE.
AQA Anthology guide Comprehensive guide to poetry in the new specification, both the power and conflict cluster and the unseen section. Each set poem has detailed notes, plus there are sections on themes, contexts and language. Essential revision support for the new 9-1 GCSE.


ORANGEBOY by Patrice Lawrence

OrangeboySixteen-year-old Marlon has made his mum a promise – he'll never follow his big brother down the wrong path. When a first date ends in the worst way possible, he finds himself hunted. He is Orangeboy, but who is the mysterious Mr Orange?


THE ISLAND by Olivia Levez

The IslandFrances is alone. Cast away on a small island in the middle of the Indian Ocean, she has to find water, food and shelter. But survival is hard. Especially when she is haunted by memories of the things that she did before, the things that made her a monster. Pushed to the limit in extreme conditions, she battles to come to terms with her past, and find a future worth fighting for. This is a gripping and thought-provoking story about one girl’s journey to become the person she believes she can be.


WARRIORS OF HONOUR Illustrated by Patrick Miller (written by Brynhildur Thórarinsdóttir)

Warriors of HonourBrothers who don't see eye to eye, yet bond when they fight together. A perfect marriage meets a disastrous end. And a long lost prince chooses brief honour over a life of shame. Taken from Icelandic sagas, three ancient stories conjure up powerful characters from the fierce, cold north. 
For the Fallen and other poems: This emotive collection brings poetry to life in both graphic novel and text-only forms. From the harshness of the First World War trenches, to the brutal American Civil War and the senseless charge of the Light Brigade in the Crimean War, 'There is music in the midst of desolation'.



The Serpent KingAn ancient secret, a deadly traitor, has luck run out for Cleo and Ryan? The final instalment of Secrets of the Tombs takes us to the jungles of Mexico. While Cleo investigates the mysterious death of a Maya king, Ryan has another mission – the search for his father.


THE NEW LIBEARIAN Written by Alison O'Donnell (Illustrated by Alex Willmore)

The New LiBEARianIt's story time at the library but Miss Merryweather, the librarian, is missing! Dee and her friends go in search of her but instead find a rather hairy, new liBEARian.



A Pig Called TruffleWhen Jasmine sees a tiny, unloved piglet left to fend for itself, she knows it will die without her help. So she smuggles it back to her farm to nurse it back to health. But she can’t keep Truffle forever, and then, one stormy night, disaster strikes…


WINGS Illustrated by Jane Porter (written by Paul Stewart)

WingsThe sky is full of birds and ALL of them are SWOOPING AND SOARING… except Penguin. The other birds try their best to help, but NOTHING seems to get their friend off the ground! How can Penguin achieve his deepest desire, and fly? An inspiring picture book that celebrates friendship and encourages children to recognise their own unique skills.


WILL'S WORDS: How William Shakespeare changed the way you talk. Illustrated by John Shelley (written by Jane Sutcliffe)

Will's WordsWill is responsible for such familiar phrases as "what's done is done" and "too much of a good thing." He even helped turn "household words" into household words. And what better words are there to use to write about the greatest writer in the English language than his very own? As readers will discover, "the long and the short of it" is this: Will changed the English language forever.


NICE AS PIE Written by Gary Sheppard (illustrated by Tim Budgen)

As nice as PieMavis loves to bake and when a little bird is after a few crumbs she is happy to supply them. As more birds get wind of her generosity, however Mavis finds herself run ragged! So she cooks up a plan to get those lazy birds to help her achieve her dream.


BLACK POWDER by Ally Sherrick

Black PowderTwelve-year-old Tom Garnett must save his father from hanging. He falls in with a mysterious stranger – the Falcon – who promises to help him in exchange for his service. But when Tom discovers the Falcon’s true mission, he’s faced with a terrible decision: secure his father’s release, or stop the assassination of the king.


PATTAN'S PUMPKIN Written by Chitra Soundar (Illustrated by Frane Lessac)

Pattan PumpkinPattan has an amazing pumpkin…it grows BIGGER than the goats, BIGGER than the elephants, until it is as TALL as the mountains. But can Pattan's pumpkin save his family and all the animals when the storm-clouds burst and the waters rise?


BOOK OF LIES by Teri Terry

Book of LiesQuinn and Piper are twins, but were raised apart. A tragedy brings them together, drawing them into a curse that stretches across centuries. One twin commands the darkness; the other holds the key to breaking the curse. When lies become truth and truth looks like lies, who can you believe?



Lying about Last SummerLast summer Skye's sister died in an accident. This summer her parents encourage her to go to a camp for bereaved teenagers. At first camp isn't too bad, but when Skye starts receiving messages on her phone from someone claiming to be her dead sister, she fears the past is about to surface.



The Einstein CodeBen's mother has been kidnapped and the adults don't believe it. They think she's just missing and her employers and the police don't really want to know. The meeting she attended, after all, never took place. But the message she sent Ben tells a different story. To find his mum Ben must follow a perilous trail and solve a series of difficult clues, whilst evading being captured by the kidnappers. Can he solve the puzzles and save her, before anything terrible happens to her – or him?


DREAMER, illustrated by Bee Willey (written by Brian Moses)

DreamerOne child dreams of a world where wild creature are safe and free to roam, where water is clear and air is pure. This inspirational picture book is a call to all of us to stand up for the future of our planet and to help save our wide world.


Book Now. SCBWI BI Annual Conference 2016.



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