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I have a question about the conference – who do I ask?

Feel free to email our conference chair, Alison Gardiner, at

or, our SCBWI Co-Regional Advisor, Natascha Biebow at

We’re more than happy to help. You can also visit the conference volunteer page to find the specific committee member for your query.

At the conference, volunteers will be wearing badges. We are friendly and will try our best to sort any issues whatsoever! Our mission is to ensure you enjoy your conference.


How do I travel to Manchester?

Manchester is accessible by air, rail and road.

Maps and directions can be found on our How To Get There And Where To Stay guide.


How can I book the conference?

To book the conference click on our ‘Book Conference Here’ link anywhere on this page. If you are an SCBWI member log in first to receive the members’ discounted rate.



Book Conference Here 


Book Friday Fringe Here


Book Saturday Night Party Here (incl MBL)



If you are not an SCBWI member, consider joining for the discount.

We also offer discounts to Society of Authors and Association of Illustrators members – please contact them for our voucher codes.


When do I need to book my place by?

Bookings remain open till 2330 GMT, 01st November 2022.

Here are the reasons to book early:

Early Bird Reward: One lucky person will receive a full refund of the conference fees (not the optional extras) decided by a draw made from all those who have booked up to the 18th of September 2022.

Early bookers will find it easier to secure the best accommodation options.

Places can be limited in a number of sessions. Booking early means your first choice is guaranteed.

1-1 professional reviews run out! Booking early gives you a 1-1 portfolio or manuscript review with your own selected industry professional editor an agent.


I am an international SCBWI member (or non-member), how do I book on this conference?

Please use the regular booking system if possible.

However, if our payment system isn’t processing your credit card or PayPal payment, send an email to :-

Sean Noonan – and/or to arrange payment.

Please include your name and address and details of your SCBWI membership in your request.

What deadlines should I be aware of?

Scholarship applications: submissions open 05th September and close Monday 26th September 2022


Manuscript (one to one reviews).

Please register your interest in the options when booking the conference and you will be emailed the link to book your preferred agent / editor and timeslot after these have been finalised. 

Writer’s review booking deadline will be 12 October 2022 (submissions by 30th October). Please follow the submission guidelines.


Portfolio (one to one reviews).

Please register your interest in the options when booking the conference and you will be emailed the link to book your preferred agent / editor and timeslot after these have been finalised.  

Illustrators’ review booking deadline will be 12 October 2022.  Please follow the submission guidelines.


Friday Fringe will be announced soon.

Register your interest when booking the conference and you will be emailed the link to book if you want to partake of the afternoon sessions, and/ or join everyone for the Friday Night dinner (which will be an additional cost).

Bookings for this will close 01st November 2022.


Conference booking deadline: 2330 GMT, 01st November 2022

Can I book more than one 1-1 review?

No. Due to the popularity of the 1-1 Reviews in order to make it as fair as possible we can only allocate one per conference delegate. There are always more conference places than there are slots for 1-1 Reviews.


I’m an Author Illustrator, what 1-1 Review Should I Book?

You get to choose!

Ordinarily we would always advise Author Illustrators to book an Illustrator 1-1 Review. All the Industry Professionals we have attending the conference are more than capable to advise on both illustrations and text. You also receive a twenty minute slot as opposed to fifteen minutes. This is still a valid option this year and possibly the best choice for the majority of Author Illustrators.

However, this year, we have a number of Reviewers who have asked for Author Illustrators in their ‘wish list’ which is why we have opened up the Writer 1-1s slot times to Author Illustrators too. You will have less time if you decide to select a writer review (15 minutes rather than 20), but your text will be sent ahead of time, giving the Reviewer a heads up on you and your work. You will still be expected to bring your illustrations related to the text along to the conference to share at your writer review time.

FYI The Industry Professionals looking at work from Author Illustrators are:

  • Penny Holroyd
  • Alice Williams
  • Arabella Stein
  • Katie Blagden

We’re sorry there is no easy answer – it really is up to you to decide which you would prefer. We would advise that you read all the information available in order to make the choice that is right for you and remember that you will only be able to book 1 review.




Ideas for Future Conferences?

I’ve got an idea for next year’s conference, who do I pitch it to? All suggestions and ideas welcome! 

Please drop our chair, Alison Gardiner ( an email.


Breakout Sessions and PULSE/SPARK


What are Breakout Sessions?

Breakouts are when the audience splits up to attend professional events that happen concurrently. You can choose your preferred sessions on the booking form. Sessions will be for Writers, Illustrators, Newbies and Pulse. Yeah, we know it’s really hard to choose.


What is the PULSE/SPARK track of the conference?

For published authors and illustrators. Techniques to perfect and improve including additional income options.




How much does the conference cost?

It depends on whether you are a member of SCBWI or not, and what extras you want to sign up for. But the basic rates are the following:

SCBWI Member £240

Not a Member £280

There are other optional extras, Fringe, 1-2-1 professional reviews, Saturday Night Dinner and MBL party. See those events for costings below.


Any discounts?

SCWBI volunteers, of course. Also the Society of Authors and the Association of Illustrators get a special rate. Please contact those organisations for your discount code.



Book Conference Here


Book Friday Fringe Here


Book Saturday Night Party Here (incl MBL)


Any additional costs to budget for?

You must organise your own accommodation and transportation. Lunch and coffee breaks are part of the conference fee as well as the finger foods at the party on Saturday night. The booking form will enable you to tailor what you opt into. The following are additional costs which are not included in the conference fee:

Optional Friday Night Dinner at the University – TBA

1-1 Portfolio or Manuscript Review – £40 members (£45 for non-members)

Party (MBL) for SCBWI – £25 for conference attendees. For non-conference attendees/ plus ones – £41.00 


I’ve booked a place but can no longer attend.

Can I get a refund?

We are very sorry you can no longer attend. Unfortunately, as we’re sure you understand, the conference is carefully budgeted and planned ahead of time. We are unable to offer refunds, we are a non-profit charitable organisation.

For Covid related cancellations, please refer to the covid information on the booking page.

Please contact if you have any queries.


Do SCBWI volunteers get paid?

No! The SCBWI volunteers who deliver conferences and other events do not get paid. There are perks; the hard working conference team for example attend the conference for free. Network heads and various volunteers get discounts. But mainly we volunteer because we like what we do and we like being around people who love children’s books, as we do. Oh, and we do interact with the attending editors and agents at each conference.




Where can I stay?

There are plenty of places to stay in Manchester, depending on your budget. Public transport is decent.

Top tip: the committee and some of the speakers will be staying at the Hyatt House Hotel, which is a short walk to the conference venue and where the bar is being kept open until late. We have negotiated a discount and the hotel has put together details of how to book your stay:

  • Go to Hyatt House Manchester website
  • Click on Book Now in yellow.
  • Add dates and the group code –
    Dates: 18-20th Nov 2022 | Code: G-FGY9
    The code goes on ‘Corporate or Group Code’.

NB You will be required by the hotel to show proof of your conference booking to validate the discount code.

The cut off for using the discount code is 31st August 2022.



How to Get There and Where to Stay 2022




Book Conference Here




What are the Outstanding Contribution Awards?

The Outstanding Contribution Awards will be announced on Sunday morning. SCBWI British Isles is built with the hard work, enthusiasm and energy of our volunteers. As a way of recognising individuals who have made an outstanding contribution to our region we started the SCBWI British Isles Outstanding Contribution Award (OCA) in 2010. Read about it and winners of previous years.


Mass Book Launch Title Registration

Follow this link to see eligibility and register your titles. 


Mass Book Launch Link



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