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What is ‘Speed Pitching’ with Stories?

One of the brilliant things about the conference is the opportunity to meet industry professionals like agents and editors. This session allows you not only to pitch your story idea, but also to get feedback on it. Then you have time to make any changes you like before you pitch it again. As with singles’ speed dating, you get roughly three minutes to chat, but with this session you get professional feedback from an agent or editor about the thing you’re most passionate about (i.e. your story) rather than having to chat to a random person about your favourite pizza topping…


Will I need to prepare anything in advance?

It would be a much more useful experience for you if you have prepared a pitch in advance of the session. Pitching will start almost from the very beginning of the session so there won’t be much time to write one from scratch. You will not need to submit anything to the agents/editors before the session though. Come armed only with your pitch and some paper and pens so you can jot things down during the session. There is plenty of information online about how to prepare a good pitch, and you may choose to go to Emma Greenwood’s Friday Fringe session to get some more help.


Is it only for authors?

Illustrators, there won’t be the opportunity to bring your whole portfolio and show that. This session is designed to be about the spoken word so pitches will need to be communicated that way. However, if you are an author-illustrator pitching a picture book concept or a graphic novel concept, this is definitely for you. Also illustrators, if you have ideas for worlds and the characters within it then the pitching of that story would work even without demonstrating the characters themselves.


How similar is this session to 1-1s and the Hook?

Well, ‘speed dating’ involves pitching verbally. With 1-1s you get feedback over a much larger portion of your manuscript and your synopsis as well, both of which will have been considered by the agent/editor before the conference. With the Hook you will also submit some work beforehand and it will be a very different experience from this session, even though they both focus on pitching. The Hook is also only for delegates with a completed manuscript, whereas here you can pitch an idea even if you haven’t written a word of it yet. There’s nothing to stop you from applying to be involved in all three!


Why are the numbers limited?

We want to try to ensure that everybody has the opportunity to pitch to as many of the agents/editors involved with the session as they want to. This will not be possible if numbers are unlimited. Please book early if you want to attend this session, to avoid disappointment.



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